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HALT is working to create a compassionate society for the treatment of pets.

In responsibly giving animal companions caring environments such as a no-kill sanctuary or adoptive family, HALT is preventing the tragedy of euthanasia for pets without homes and creating a more compassionate society for our animal companions.

To accomplish HALT's goal of compassionate treatment of animal companions, we are undertaking the construction of a sanctuary with planned provisions for pets.

The plan for the HALT Sanctuary is to create a home environment in which abandoned pets can be reintegrated into family life, as opposed to enabling the de-socialization that traditionally occurs in kennels.

On HALT's existing 11-acre property, we are constructing two homes to provide homeless dogs and cats a sanctuary in which they can re-socialize themselves with their caretakers and receive medical treatment (including neutering and spaying) until they are adopted by a new family.

Phase 1 of our HALT Sanctuary is complete, with an 850-foot deep well.  The first building was dedicated in January 2009 and a kennel license.
We are a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) No-Kill Animal Rescue Organization
We are now in Phase 2 of our Sanctuary.
Stage 2 of the Sanctuary will consist of a metal building with insulation and skylights, 40 x 50 feet.  The estimated costs for this building is between $75,000 to $100,000 which will include a cement floor plus a septic tank.

Donations of any kind to help us reach our goal is greatly appreciated.